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How does Ongoing Monitoring work?

This article will take you through the Ongoing Monitoring aspect of the product, and how it works.

Select the Ongoing Monitoring tab

In your navigation bar, select ongoing monitoring to see the options you can use.

The Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to manage what you want to track in the Ongoing Monitoring. For example, if your firm categorises every change regarding a company as high risk, you can select to receive all alerts. However, if you're only interested in change of name, status, insolvencies, persons with significant control changes, and new officer appointments, you can select just those - as shown below.

The alerts will show in real-time as soon as they are reporting on Companies House and will be put into the Alerts tab.

The Alerts

The Alerts tab looks similar to the Action Management tab for ease, and this is where all alerts from the Ongoing Monitoring will be shown. From these, you can decided whether anything needs action.

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