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How to view a client's AML report

Step 1: Choose your client

This can either be a commercial or an individual client. Once you have selected the client, you are then able to view their details.

Step 2: View Details

When you client on 'view details', this will bring up a modal that holds your single source of truth for all things client information.

Step 3: Client Navigation

There are three tabs at the top which act as your navigation.

Tab 1: Personal Details

This is where all your client details are held along with the ability to make changes or re-run the check.

Tab 2: Document

This is where you will see the documents your client has uploaded

Tab 3: Reports

This is where your client's reports will be held

Step 4: Viewing the Report

You can view the report by clicking on the document button, and download it by clicking the blue button.

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