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Viewing an Individual Client

This walkthrough will show you how to view an individual client

Choose your Individual Client

Tab 1: Individual

In this tab, you are able to view:

  • View the details of your client
  • Change the approval status of your client
  • Request a client review

View details of your client:

Tab 2: History Log

The history log shows a simple audit space for you to see any activity within this client. In the example below, you can see when the client completed their onboarding when a change of request was made, and the reason for the change of status to 'Approved'.

Tab 3: Notes

The notes section allows you to add notes to the client account for you to keep up to date with things or to remind yourself and colleagues of actions.

Tab 4: Settings

Here you can manage out-of-date document reminder emails and the overall status of the client

Tab 5: Employees Assigned

Here you are able to manage the employees who are assigned to a client that will receive updates and alerts for any activity.

Tab 6: Tasks

Here you can assign tasks for your client such as additional document upload, proof of funds checks, and digital signatures.

Tab 7: Risk Assessments

Tab 8: SARs

Track any Suspicious Activity Reports that have been logged in Validient.

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