Ongoing Monitoring

Keep up to date with your commercial client’s activity with real-time updates.

Instantly see changes in your clients without 
trawling through Companies House

If you are working with multiple commercial clients, it’s easy to miss changes such as insolvencies and director changes. We ensure you don’t miss such changes and more!

Customer Filtering

With our ongoing  monitoring dashboard, we give you the ability to control what you define as risk and create bespoke filters and alerts. Allowing you to operate with peace of mind.

Change of Leadership

Want to know if your commercial client adds or removes a director from the company? We will tell you if such thing happens and you choose whether additional due diligence is needed.

Insolvency Alerts

If your client files for insolvency, we will alert you in real-time to reduce the risk of you working with a potentially harmful client.

Visual Ease

We have created the ongoing monitoring dashboard in such a way that it is simple to use, easy to see alerts, and clears the fog around ongoing due diligence.
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