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Client Due Diligence, Compliance Checklist for Law Firms

Introduction Each year the fight against money-laundering intensifies with increased fines, audits and regulations. Client Due Diligence is at the centre of this ongoing battle to prevent criminals from exploiting legal services whilst maintaining the integrity and ethical standards of your firm.   The Legal Sector Affinity group (LSAG) defines Client Due Diligence (CDD) as […]

Common Misconceptions About Client Due Diligence

Introduction Client Due Diligence (CDD) is required across various industries, with a particular focus on sectors like financial services and the legal industry. The nature of CDD lies in enabling businesses to assess and comprehend their clients thoroughly. This process is integral in mitigating risks associated with financial crimes such as money laundering, fraud, and […]

5 Key Steps for Effective Client Due Diligence

Client Due Diligence: Ensuring EffectiveRisk Management and Regulatory Compliance Client Due Diligence (CDD) is a fundamental process that regulated businesses, especially in the financial and legal sector, undertake to understand their clients, assess potential risks, and ensure compliance with regulations aimed at preventing financial crimes such as money laundering, terrorism financing, and fraud.  This report […]

Who Compiles the Financial Sanctions List?

In today's interconnected world, economic and political relationships often extend beyond borders, making maintaining international security and stability crucial. One tool governments and international organisations employ to achieve this goal is the imposition of financial sanctions. These sanctions aim to influence the behaviour of targeted individuals, entities, or countries by restricting their access to the […]

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