Our Blogs on Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) 

What is Aggravated Identity Theft? Important Definitions and Legalities to Know

Introduction Instances of identity theft are on the rise around the globe due to such a high volume of the population using different forms of identification, using digital systems, and attackers becoming more intelligent in their attacks. And an area of identity theft is aggravated identity theft - an area which is often the scariest […]

How to Verify Someone's Identity

With increased efforts by the UK government to drive digital ID verifications, we take a look at how ID verification works within the UK. Specifically, looking at how to verify someone's identity in the UK. Digital identity is becoming the driving force of customer due diligence across the professional services industry in the UK. This […]

Law Technology (Lawtech) and its Vital Role in Legal Practice

With the recent pandemic, the need for law technology for legal services has grown due to the preference of digital onboarding over in-person verification. All industries have had their fair share of challenges throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, but few quite as much as the legal industry. Law firms have been described as traditional in their […]

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