Risk Management

Manage how your firm stores and files the risk management of clients in a centralised place.

KYC. AML. Risk Assessments. 
Ongoing Due Diligence. Centralised

Reduce multiple folders stored on your machine and in different systems and centralise your compliance processes by utilising our Risk Management solutions.


Simply upload your client / matter risk assessments and choose a risk level for your clients. This will help keep a risk overview.

Firm Wide Centralisation

Individuals within your firm will see the risk status of clients which provides a firm wide overview. This means your employees know who they should or shouldn’t be speaking to.

Easily Adhere to Regulations

You are obliged by regulations to carry out risk assessments on all clients, so why not store them near the KYC and AML reports? Not to mention the ease for if you are audited.


Client risk changed? Need to update the risk assessment? No problem, you can upload multiple risk assessments to track how risk has changed or remained over time.
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