A digital client onboarding system for law firms

By automating the client onboarding process for law firms, our software can verify someone’s identity much faster, whilst reducing the cost by using digital client onboarding. We ask your clients to upload the relevant documentation that allows us to verify their identity automatically.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

We do this to verify the identity of your clients through name matches and document authenticity, whilst adhering to all regulations. 

Know Your Business (KYB)

We do this to fight money laundering, terrorist financing, and tax crimes by finding the address, UBO, and PWSC of the company.

Anti-Money Laundering

We do this to achieve compliance with legal requirements to actively monitor for and report suspicious activities.

Exposed Person

We do an extra identity check to rule a client out as being politically exposed. 

Tools to manage tasks and roles with ease

We not only offer your clients an easy to use and accessible portal to upload documents and verify themselves, but we also provide a robust dashboard that allows you to organise your workforce and tasks.
We understand that no two businesses are the same, and that need for a bespoke solution is always the best. With more and more firms investing in technology, it’s important that you stand out. From cosmetic options like themes and logos to what documentation you accept to verify someone’s identity. Our software is built to fit the needs of any law firm.
Role and task management
Although the process of verifying someone’s identity is automated, sometimes there is a need for manual intervention. With the ability to assign different levels of access to multiple users and assign them tasks to complete within our software, managing what needs to be done has never been more simple.

Ongoing Company Monitoring

We monitor company activities in real time. The things that we monitor are changes around officers, addresses, insolvencies, and credit risks. We then take it a step further to provide ongoing checks on individuals to monitor their PEP status.
Dictate when you are notified
Create your own parameters of when you are notified and what you are notified about, We offer deep levels of customisation allowing you to track and visualise concerns and warnings in real-time, to ensure you remain compliant with legal requirements.
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