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A complete digital client onboarding and ongoing monitoring solution built to help you know exactly who your clients are. Collect documents, perform due diligence checks, and be notified of client changes. Collect proof of funds reports and reduce the cost and risk of KYC and AML compliance. 

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  • LivenessCheck

    Customer Due Diligence

    Identify and Verify Your Customers
    Validient is a digital client onboarding system for law firms, real estate agents, and other regulated businesses. We automate the Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering processes for customer identification, screening, and monitoring for regulatory compliance. A unique assessment solution for preventing money laundering and fraud using automated identity verification by performing enhanced due diligence.
    Identity and Document Authentication
    Biometric Facial Recognition
    Anti-Money Laundering Checks
    Politically Exposed Persons Checks
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  • proof-of-funds

    Source of Funds Overview

    A powerful tool for improving Anti-Money Laundering
    Open banking can help to reduce the risk of money laundering by enhancing customer due diligence and verification processes. Get access to your clients transactions to help validate proof of funds and source of wealth and greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your anti-money laundering efforts.
    As part of the verification process, the Validient platform allows organisations to request proof of funds reports from their clients. The process is secure and quick.
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  • OngoingMonitoring_alerts_site

    Ongoing Monitoring

    Monitor your Commercial 
    Client’s Status
    Validient's ongoing monitoring feature allows you to stay continuously updated on any changes in the status of your commercial clients. Dictate your own alert parameters, and get notifications, alerts of insolvencies and bankruptcies and much more. Fully understand your business relationship and all associated risk factors.
    Dictate Risk Parameters
    Change of Leadership Alerts
    Insolvency Alerts
    Unique Monitoring Dashboard
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  •  RiskReport_site

    Risk Management

    Centralise your Risk Assessments 
    and Due Diligence
    Highlight a client's risk level to allow your business to make more informed decisions. Knowing your clients and the dangers to your business will allow you to stay compliant and operate more efficiently by tracking your client’s risk ratings with each risk assessment.
    Upload Risk Assessments
    Client Risk Overview
    Easily Adhere to Regulations 
    Assessment Updating
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  • Compliance_report

    Compliance Oversights

    Review and make compliance decisions on clients
    Ensure your organisation adheres to legal and regulatory standards. Monitor and enforce your compliance policies; review reported individuals and ensure procedures are followed to help prevent legal consequences of non-compliance. 
    Manage Internal Actions
    Create Tasks for Clients to Complete
    Review and Investigate Suspicious Clients
    Track Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
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Digital Onboarding and Automated
Risk Monitoring Tool

Validient helps law firms, accountants, IFAs, estate agents plus other regulated businesses to securely onboard and monitor clients. Our solution automates document upload and verification checks, improving self serve client experiences. 

We include identity document checks, PEPs and sanctions screening, address verification and face matching liveness biometrics. Validient is uniquely designed to make AML compliance simpler by digitising and automating the process, then alerting you of any changes to your clients circumstances, reducing time and cost of compliance.
Commercial and Individual Onboarding
Client Due Diligence
Automated Risk Monitoring
Compliance Team Collaboration

Reduce your onboarding time

By up to 80%

Enhanced Due Diligience

For Every Kind of Client



For individual clients we offer a streamlined Know Your Customer (KYC) journey that can onboard clients in minutes. Built around delivering the best user experience possible.

With the addition of our Proof of Funds checks Validient offers a full Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution. Our individual onboarding offers:
• Full Identity Verification
• Facial Biometrics
• Proof Of Funds Checks
• PEP and Sanctions Checks


Onboarding commercial clients can prove more difficult; our company and charity onboarding solution verifies the identities of officers and directors, ensuring the highest level of customer due diligence is met.

Easily identify the company and officers with our Companies House integration. And with ongoing monitoring, always be notified of any changes to your commercial clients' business position.
• Full Identity Verification
• Facial Biometrics
• PEP and Sanctions Checks
• Ongoing Client Monitoring
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We Understand

Due Diligence

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

We adhere to all policies and legislation to ensure businesses can easily monitor new and existing clients to prevent money laundering, and comply with legal requirements to actively monitor for and report suspicious activities.
Anti-Money Laundering (AML)Read Our AML Blogs

Know Your Customer (KYC)

We ensure a specific set of standards are met to verify customers, their risk profiles, and their financial profiles. Validient verifies the identity of your clients through name matches and document authenticity, whilst adhering to all regulations.
Know Your Customer (KYC)Read Our KYC Blogs

Know Your Business (KYB)

Validient's client management platform verifies the company's officers and directors and collects any documentation verifying the company's registration to help identify and prevent any money laundering, terrorist financing or financial crime. 
Know Your Business (KYB)Read Our KYB Blogs

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

A Politically Exposed Person is someone potentially more susceptible to bribery or corruption so Validient includes an extra identity check to rule a client out as being politically exposed.

Politically Exposed Person(PEP)Read Our PEP Blogs
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