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 Digitally automated compliance and enhanced due diligence solutions for law firms and regulated businesses.  Where cutting-edge technology meets meticulous scrutiny to empower your business with the ultimate advantage. With increasing regulatory compliance, our platform is your trusted companion, providing the most sophisticated tools for identity verification, PEP and Sanctions screening, AML, ongoing monitoring and risk assessments, giving you a full compliance and due diligence solution without needing an app.

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Powerful Tools

For Compliance

Identity Verification
Verify Identities With Certainty
Validient is an automated compliance and due diligence system for law firms and regulated businesses. You can now automate the Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering processes for customer identification, screening, and monitoring for regulatory compliance. A unique assessment solution for preventing money laundering and fraud using automated identity verification by performing enhanced due diligence.

Our solution gives you:
Identity and Document Verification
Biometric Facial Recognition
Anti-Money Laundering Checks
Politically Exposed Persons Checks
Corporate Ownership Structure
Full Proof Of Funds Reports In Minutes
Open banking can help reduce money laundering risk by enhancing customer due diligence and verification processes. You can get access to your client's transactions to help validate proof of funds and source of wealth and significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your anti-money laundering efforts.
Proof Of Funds Report
Ownership Structure
Identify Ownership Structures Instantly
A vital tool that enables individuals and businesses to gain insights into the ownership and organisational hierarchy of a particular entity. This service allows users to scrutinise the ownership relationships, partnerships, subsidiaries, and shareholders associated with a company, providing transparency and clarity within the corporate world and helping you locate the beneficial owner quicker than ever before.
Be Alerted To Client Changes In Real Time
Aimed at maintaining the integrity and security of client relationships. Our ongoing monitoring involves the continuous surveillance and assessment of client accounts and activities to identify any irregularities, potential risks, or changes, including insolvencies, bankruptcies and much more. Fully understand your business relationship and all associated risk factors.
Dictate Risk Parameters
Change of Leadership Alerts
Insolvency Alerts
Unique Monitoring Dashboard
Engagement Summary
Post Onboarding Tasks For Clients
Following onboarding, we give businesses the tools to create and request digital tasks to streamline client interactions, ensuring seamless and paperless processes. Tasks such as:
Engagement Summary Review And Sign
Additional Document Requests
Proof Of Funds Requests
Bespoke Task Creation
Find Out How You Can
Onboard Clients Up To 90% Faster

Streamline And Simplify

Your Compliance

Providing a comprehensive and visual overview of your automated compliance and due diligence processes, regulatory compliance status, and risk assessments

Ongoing Monitoring

Ensures compliance and safeguards against potential risks by continuously assessing client status

PEP And Sanctions Screening

Identify high-risk individuals and entities to maintain regulatory compliance and prevent financial crime.
Compliance Dashboard

Create Risk Assessments

Streamline risk assessments, allowing you to build and automatically pre-populate client risk assessments effortlessly.

Unique  Dashboard

Our comprehensive compliance dashboard offers real-time insights, displaying key metrics such as the number of PEPs identified and risk assessments conducted.


Complete Visibility

Automate Risk Monitoring

Safeguard Your Business

More About Our Compliance Add-On

Enhanced Due Diligience

For Every Kind of Client



For individual clients we offer a streamlined Know Your Customer (KYC) journey that can onboard clients in minutes. Built around delivering the best user experience possible.

With the addition of our Proof of Funds checks Validient offers a full Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution. Our individual onboarding offers:
• Full Identity Verification
• Facial Biometrics
• Proof Of Funds Checks
• PEP and Sanctions Checks


Onboarding commercial clients can prove more difficult; our company and charity onboarding solution verifies the identities of officers and directors, ensuring the highest level of customer due diligence is met.

Easily identify the company and officers with our Companies House integration. And with ongoing monitoring, always be notified of any changes to your commercial clients' business position.
• Full Identity Verification
• Facial Biometrics
• PEP and Sanctions Checks
• Ongoing Client Monitoring
• Organisational Structure
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Our Blogs

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

We adhere to all policies and legislation to ensure businesses can easily monitor new and existing clients to prevent money laundering, and comply with legal requirements to actively monitor for and report suspicious activities.
Anti-Money Laundering (AML)Read Our AML Blogs

Know Your Customer (KYC)

We ensure a specific set of standards are met to verify customers, their risk profiles, and their financial profiles. Validient verifies the identity of your clients through name matches and document authenticity, whilst adhering to all regulations.
Know Your Customer (KYC)Read Our KYC Blogs

Know Your Business (KYB)

Validient's client management platform verifies the company's officers and directors and collects any documentation verifying the company's registration to help identify and prevent any money laundering, terrorist financing or financial crime. 
Know Your Business (KYB)Read Our KYB Blogs

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

A Politically Exposed Person is someone potentially more susceptible to bribery or corruption so Validient includes an extra identity check to rule a client out as being politically exposed.

Politically Exposed Person(PEP)Read Our PEP Blogs
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