Beneficial Ownership Identification

Identify and verify beneficial owners of organisations using an interactive interface listing directors and ultimate beneficial owners for UK-based companies and charities. Simplifying the complex nature of company formations.
Beneficial Ownership

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How Does It Work?

Search for Organisations

Your client searches for their organisation during the initial onboarding process and selects the appropriate directors. There is also a internal lookup feature within the platform to search for organisations internally for pre-screening.

Review Structure

Once the organisation has been selected, the structure is then displayed with extendable relations within the clients tab.

Identify Beneficial Owners

Our platform will match individuals being verified against the organisation structure, ensuring that a correct beneficial owner is being verified.

For Industries


The handling of complex, high-value transactions and client accounts places the legal industry in a vulnerable position with respect to money laundering. For legal teams, client identity verification is a non-negotiable component of due diligence and risk management. 

Validient specialises in the complete process of CDD, from the initial identification and verification, to the assessment of risk and ongoing monitoring on a client and matter basis, capturing the reasoning behind each decision.
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Financial Services

Known for its vulnerability to money laundering, the financial industry is categorised as high-risk with regards to AML compliance. It’s important for firms and organisations within this industry to have scalable solutions to keep up with the volume of clients with compromising compliance. 

Validient offers a standardised approach for you to collect the required information and assess the level of risk from each client, ensuring compliance with AML regulations whilst minimising friction within the onboarding process.
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Commercial Business

For the commercial sector, identifying and verifying commercial clients has the added complexity of navigating complex organisational structures frequently exploited by criminals for hiding their beneficial owners. 

Validient provides a clear overview of UK-based ownership structures and their associated directors and beneficial owners. Clearly identify the beneficial owner(s) that is being verified and see associated organisations.
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PEP & Sanctions Screening

As Standard

Our AML reports include Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Sanctions screening as standard features to efficiently identify potential PEPs and Sanctioned individuals. Report identified PEPs internally within the platform and categorise between Foreign from Domestic to help manage risk.
PEP nad Sanctions
Standards Financial Action Task Force (FATF)-01


Compliant with the international requirement of identifying beneficial owners of organisations under guidance set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), our procedures are designed to ensure the transparency of organisations. We adhere to the FATF recommendations, which involve verifying the identity of the beneficial owners and understanding the control structure of entities.
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Build Your Brand

At the core of the product is our unique client experience. Our platform allows you to represent your brand like never before, with custom-branded emails for welcoming clients and a fully branded portal. 

The whole onboarding process represents your brand using a client-centric approach and professionalism.

No App Needed

Validient doesn't need an app, that means neither you, nor clients need to download anything. One less thing for your clients to do.

Bespoke Branding

When it comes to your business, nothing is more important than the service you provide to your clients. Bespoke branding of the platform allows you to convey trust, professionalism, and a tailored user experience.
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