What is Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in simple terms?

What is Money Laundering? Money laundering is a process by which an individual, company, or organisation can disguise the original ownership of their proceeds from criminal activity. The term was coined in the early 1900s by a Scottish police officer named William Taylor when dealing with cases involving Chinese organised crime groups where money from […]

Law Firms and Client Engagement

We hear it all the time, don’t we? Client engagement is critical to ensuring your firm provides the highest levels of customer service. But often, the question of ‘what is client engagement’ can be avoided, or at least not answered clearly. This article explores what client engagement really means for law firms and clients alike, […]

How to Verify Someone's Identity in the UK

With increased efforts by the UK government to drive digital ID verifications, we take a look at how ID verification works within the UK. Specifically, looking at how to verify someone's identity in the UK. Digital identity is becoming the driving force of customer due diligence across the professional services industry in the UK. This […]

Why Should Law Firms Invest in Technology?

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented the power and necessity of technology in our everyday lives. Despite in-person interactions being put on hold for the past year, the use of technology has accelerated in our personal and professional lives. From video calls to online shopping, there has never been a time where everything we want and […]

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