Law Firm Client Onboarding and the Steps to Success


Law firm client onboarding and the key steps to success is an essential topic to discuss. All law firms must adhere to strict guidelines regarding client onboarding. Many factors include hefty sanctions for any money laundering that isn't flagged and the need to ensure firms know precisely who their clients are. 

This article looks at all information about client onboarding for law firms, why it is essential, and the critical steps for success. If you would like to discuss client onboarding further, please feel free to get in touch using the book a meeting button on this page. 

What is Law Firm Client Onboarding, and Why is It Important?

When working with a new client, whether an individual, company, charity, or school, law firms must carry out due diligence to ensure they know their client. This is referred to as Know Your Customer (KYC), or if a business, Know your Business (KYB). This process can be long-winded for firms, especially when working with complex clients. 

But firms must conduct thorough client onboarding processes when working with new clients. It is crucial not only so that you can understand whom you're working with but the consequences of not carrying out the due diligence can often lead to sentencing. 

Great client onboarding processes are essential for law firms to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Clients expect an increased technological experience when working with law firms, so providing a technological onboarding process can stand out for potential clients. You can read more about what clients expect in 2022 and beyond here.

Effective client onboarding processes can be a competitive advantage for law firms and provide integrity. For example, if a law firm uses a piece of technology that the client uses, they must ensure it acts as a trustworthy extension of the firm. 

How to Build Integrity and Trust for a Loyal Client Base through Law Firm Onboarding

Law firms are built on trust and integrity. When working with new or existing clients, you must come across as a firm they can trust. But, for younger firms especially, building integrity as a firm can be complex when working with clients. So how can it be done? Below is a list. 

  • Understand your clients' needs
  • Provide use cases to show previous work of client success
  • Implement the right technology for your firm 
  • Be open and transparent about the process with your clients and their data. 

The Key Steps to Success for Client Onboarding for Law Firms

In order or have a great and successful law firm client onboarding process, there are a few key steps to success below. 

1: Identify if a Client is Right For You and Your Law Firm

With so many potential clients, being able to make a judgment on which one is right for you will prevent your firm from facing complications or even consequences later down the line. Understanding the scope of work and the client's budget is essential, but truly understanding everything you need to know is almost impossible without the aid of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and KYC technology. Following the highest levels of due diligence gives you everything you need to make that judgment for yourself. 

2: Implement the Right Technology for Your Firm

In the same way that every client is different, so is nearly every piece of technology. With legal innovation becoming increasingly common, the list of LegalTech Solutions is becoming more extensive. Before investing in LegalTech or technology for your firm, there are a few considerations. Budget: How much money do you want to invest as a firm? Most technologies offer a subscription service while others offer a pay-per-check model, either way, you should consider the cost to be spread over a period of months other than a one-off payment.

Another thing to consider is doing the technology operates to a standard that my firm expects; with different levels of due diligence, you could be overpaying for a technology that offers too much or even get a service that doesn't meet your standard. 

What does the LegalTech solution offer? from automation of the KYC and AML process to dashboards that monitor clients' credit statuses, thoroughly investigate before making the decision

We at Validient automate the KYC and AML process for commercial and domestic clients; we offer ongoing monitoring for new and existing clients while branding the product and giving your clients the best possible user experience. 

3: Ongoing Monitoring 

Risk management is one of the most time-consuming parts when dealing with your clients; Validient has developed the means to monitor clients, identifying risks as early as possible and often in real-time. With the ability to know instantly if a new or existing client suddenly files for bankruptcy or if they have been in breach of AML. We notify you about this as soon as that information is available; with risk management and risk monitoring, knowing who your clients are, has never been easier, putting your business at much less risk now and long term.

4: Client Engagement for Loyalty and Returning Business

Your clients will never forget their experience when dealing with you; every step you can take to give them the best experience possible will increase the chance of returning business, win customer loyalty and increase business revenue. LegalTech allows firms to improve how they engage with their clients, change how they manage their accounts, and automate lengthy confusing processes, leaving clients with a great user experience and saving them time and money in the process.


LegalTech Solutions can give a firm an upper hand when it comes to automating tasks, client retention, and cost savings, all while complying with a high level of due diligence. With AML fraud becoming more sophisticated, the usual means of identifying and preventing it is becoming impossible with the aid of technology. Many solutions are available, all at different price points with many features, so shopping around is highly recommended. 

At Validient, we offer several KYC and AML features as well as client monitoring, built around user experience and complying with the highest level of due diligence; we offer a highly competitive cost meaning no matter what size your firm is, we have a solution and a price that works for you.

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